For Life And Its Living The Sunday Leader – 22 December 2013 Otara

Vivacious, vividly striking, chic and stylish are just some of the words that describe Sri Lanka’s young, top entrepreneur Otara Gunewardene Chandiram whose business ODEL is considered a forerunner in retail excellence in Sri Lanka, and indeed the region, that has grown into something of a legend with its own

Otara Gunewardene on Building a Retail Empire as featured in Popxo by Sujata Reddy

Otara Gunewardene, the woman behind Odel, is one of Sri Lanka’s biggest success stories. From the boot of her car to a retail empire, this stylish entrepreneur tells us the secrets to her success… Continuing with our weekly series of The Power List, we bring you expert advice from women

Otara Supplement as featured in The Verve Magazine by Viseshika Sharma

I started selling clothes from my first car, a blue Nissan station wagon. I just bought it back after 18 years. I used to go around to the factories in Sri Lanka and collect their surplus stock – the first things I sold were some Ralph Lauren shirts. I was

The Sri Lanka Rich List 2013

– by Faraz Shauketaly for the Rich List Company Miss Otara Del Gunewardene founded ODEL in 1989 since then ODEL has grown to a chain of 13 denitie fashion and lifestle stores. Its 40,000 sq ft flagship store in Colombo is referred to as the ‘mansion of stle’ due to