A Compassionate Sri Lanka

Although the festive season is one filled with much celebration and laughter, it is not always the same for all. For some, it is yet another day of struggle to earn extra money to live for the next day. Otara recently spent another night on the streets of Colombo visiting

National Program for 7 Days of Rest in Sri Lanka

Otara was recently nominated as Ambassador for the National Program for 7 Days of Rest in Sri Lanka organized by Rev. Atureliya Ratana Thero. The initiative is part of a unique global event that invites individuals and communities all over the world to unite in intention and practices that everyone

Protect Wilpattu

Otara joined the march to Protect Wilpattu, where over 4,000 Sri Lankans, both young and old participated in voicing their concerns over the destruction of Sri Lanka’s natural heritage. The gathering ended their march outside the United Nations office and a letter was handed over by the Protect Wilpattu Group