Otara Gunewardene featured on the cover page of Navaliya Newspaper

The article highlights Otara’s passion in promoting vegan Sri Lankan cuisine which  offers many health benefits, is cruelty free and does not harm any animals. Otara speaks from experience on the positive impacts of converting to a plant based diet, which has improved her well-being immensely along with the addition

Otara Gunewardene featured on the Mawbima FT Tabloid

The article talks about the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body balance. When asked about how she maintains her youthful appearance, she said, “I do my best to eat a healthy vegetarian diet and to stay fit.” She also talked about the importance of meditation for stress relief

Otara Gunewardene featured on the Mawbima Young Magazine

The article focuses on Otara Gunewardene’s journey as one of the top entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, a journey she started over 25 years ago and how she managed to succeed in the business world in with her strength, passion, determination and dedication to her work. She speaks about the importance

Otara Gunewardene joins Indeewari Amuwatte @Hydepark on Ada Derana

Otara Gunewardene joined Indeewari Amuwatte @Hydepark on Ada Derana recently to speak about her vision for a better Sri Lanka. Otara voiced her views on women empowerment and involvement in all sectors of the country and the need for gender balance to bring about change and move the country forwards