The Blue Print

In a series on business breakthroughs, Ramindu Randeni speaks to Otara on the role of luck.Do people get lucky? Together, they explore the work that goes into many successful business and the methodology behind it. Otara also talks about the need for a more conscious and positive change in the


Otara was recently featured in Volume 6 of Aurora, the official newsletter of the Leo Club of the University of Kelaniya. In this piece, Otara talks about her journey as a renowned entrepreneur and animal rights activist in Sri Lanka. She had many nuggets of wisdom and advice to share

Nas Daily

Otara and Embark were recently featured on popular video blogger Nas Daily’s episode of ‘Outliers.’ From being the first woman in Sri Lanka to take a company public, to her passion for saving the Street Dogs of Sri Lanka, view the entire story here;

Who We Are Pop Up Store

Who We Are, an online platform supporting small businesses in Sri Lanka recently opened its very first Pop Up Shop at Jia Moda, Level 2 of the One Galle Face Mall. The space is a miniature replica of selected merchandise that is available on . Who We Are customers are