Hi, it’s Otara! Welcome to a glimpse of my life in Sri Lanka, full of all the things I treasure. You can follow me on social media to view my journey, or log on here to catch a few of my favourite moments …

I ask you to join me, as I show you my Sri Lanka as I experience it – the good and the bad, the glory and tragedy – the full spectrum of life in paradise, as it unfolds before me…

Natural Heritage

I love my beautiful country! Ancient, full of scenic beauty and smiling faces, our island nation makes me proud to be Sri Lankan. There is so much value in our natural heritage, with beautiful diverse places within the country, each unique in its own right. Our tropical paradise is lush and fertile, its value on a global scale is proven by the extent of our exports – from precious minerals to the finest spices. It only follows that our flora and fauna would be worth admiring: we do after all have the full spectrum of species associated with South Asia, from the tiniest shrew to the world’s largest land mammal – the elephant. The world’s largest marine mammal the blue whale- feels comfortable close to our shores and we provide a habitat to the world’s largest reptile, the Estuarine Crocodile. We have the world’s smallest cat (Rusty Spotted Cat) and probably the world’s largest leopard.

It is important now more than ever that we appreciate the value of what we have. Protecting our wild, encouraging co-existence with nature and not selling ourselves cheap for the sake of mass export are paramount, if our nation is to remain viable in the long term.

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The Smiling Faces

The Sri Lankan people are resilient, I am proud to say. We’re used to trouble and we look after each other when it comes. We’ve learned that we work well in a crisis. I believe in the goodness, kindness and hospitable nature of our people. It has been my honour to experience different ways of life here, shared with me by the many wonderful Sri Lankans in remote places that I have been fortunate enough to meet.

The heart of Sri Lanka lies in the smiling faces of our people. It is my pleasure to honour them here…

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The Little Things

With so much magnificent wildlife, serene beaches and scenic splendour, sometimes it is easy to neglect the little things. From special moments and the pretty flowers to the occasional mischievous mongoose! Please sit back and enjoy this small treat for the senses, as I bring you all the little things I love, as I find them.

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It’s a Dog’s Life

Let’s give them one to be proud of! If you ask my friends about me, they will tell you I cannot walk past a Sri Lankan street dog without falling in love! They have changed the journey of my life, and brought me so much happiness both professionally through Embark and also personally – via Niko, Bandit, Rozzie and the rest of the home team. Non-dog lovers should look away now, because here is a glimpse of pooch life – from my world to yours!

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