Otara Gunewardene featured in the Swedish Magazine, Sydasien

Otara Gunewardene was featured in an article by the Swedish Magazine,  Sydasien, authored by Johan Mikaelsson Otara, who is currently Sweden’s honorary consul in Sri Lanka founded the non profit organizations, Embark and the Otara Foundation, that aims to improve the well-being of street dogs in Sri Lanka and protect Sri

Otara Gunewardene featured on “Anything but?” with Kumar de Silva on Pulse

Otara Gunewardene took part in a series of videos, sequence X, Y and Z, with host Kumar de Silva, answering questions about her life, love for animals and her entrepreneurial journey. Sequence X focused on Otara’s childhood, her experience of balancing motherhood and business, and her quest to finding her path and

Otara Gunewardene featured on the cover page of Wisdom Upgrade Magazine, Sunday Times

Otara Gunewardene was recently featured in an article and on the cover page of Wisdom Upgrade Magazine. The article highlights her journey through the business world, from the inception of ODEL, the challenges she had to face in her career and ultimately, the elements that led to her success in retail. She also

Volunteer Awards Ceremony

The second annual Embark/Otara Foundation Volunteer Awards was held at the Lighthouse Auditorium and Lawns on the 16th of December 2019. The Volunteer Awards Ceremony celebrated the achievements of the Embark and Otara Foundation Volunteers who have played a pivotal role in the success of many activities, dedicating their time

Otara Gunewardene appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka

In celebration of Habitat for Humanity’s 25th anniversary, Otara Gunewardene was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for Habitat Sri Lanka. Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka is an international non-profit organization dedicated towards providing every family in Sri Lanka with a stable and safe place to call home. Otara’s support to

Otara Gunewardene featured on Daily Mirror and the Financial Times

Otara was recently appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity, in celebration of its 25th anniversary.. Otara has supported the organization since the 2004 Tsunami with its rebuilding efforts in the Southern province, garnering the support of donors and volunteers to raise funds for Habitat Sri Lanka. Inspired

Otara Gunewardene featured on the Hi!! Online Magazine

The article highlights Otara’s journey through fashion, retail and the business world, all while trying to improve animal welfare and environmental conservation throughout the island. She talks about her passion for helping animals and how she incorporated creating awareness on animal rights and the environment throughout her career. The interview

Otara Gunewardene featured on the cover page of Navaliya Newspaper

The article highlights Otara’s passion in promoting vegan Sri Lankan cuisine which  offers many health benefits, is cruelty free and does not harm any animals. Otara speaks from experience on the positive impacts of converting to a plant based diet, which has improved her well-being immensely along with the addition

Otara Gunewardene featured on the Mawbima FT Tabloid

The article talks about the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body balance. When asked about how she maintains her youthful appearance, she said, “I do my best to eat a healthy vegetarian diet and to stay fit.” She also talked about the importance of meditation for stress relief

Otara Gunewardene featured on the Mawbima Young Magazine

The article focuses on Otara Gunewardene’s journey as one of the top entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, a journey she started over 25 years ago and how she managed to succeed in the business world in with her strength, passion, determination and dedication to her work. She speaks about the importance