Otara Gunewardene was recently featured in an article and on the cover page of Wisdom Upgrade Magazine. The article highlights her journey through the business world, from the inception of ODEL, the challenges she had to face in her career and ultimately, the elements that led to her success in retail.

She also speaks about her motivation behind starting the business; to raise funds to help animals, which eventually led to the launch of Otara Foundation and Embark, dedicated to protecting wildlife, the environment and the street dogs of Sri Lanka.

“To create a better future for people and animals in our country, compassion and kindness have to be a big part of our lifestyles”, said Otara Gunewardene on the topic of empowering Sri lanka’s youth.

Another article “Protecting our Wildlife” was also featured in the magazine where Otara stresses on the importance of conserving and protecting Sri Lanka’s unique and precious wildlife, a biologically rich country with an abundance of biodiversity, flora and fauna