Otara Gunewardene joined Indeewari Amuwatte @Hydepark on Ada Derana recently to speak about her vision for a better Sri Lanka.

Otara voiced her views on women empowerment and involvement in all sectors of the country and the need for gender balance to bring about change and move the country forwards towards a greater and positive future.

She called it an untapped asset of Sri Lanka .

She also spoke about her time in Rwanda, where she attended the Annual gorilla baby naming ceremony by invitation of the Rwandan government, an event that created awareness on wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism.

She emphasized on the importance of living together in harmony with animals and nature and the benefits to our economy as a result of preserving our natural resources.

“Sri Lanka needs to be looked at as a whole – people, wildlife and the environment. They are all interlinked and equally important and there is a greater need for long term action and solution now than ever” she said.