I believe in a unified Sri Lanka, achieved through co-existence and peaceful, sustainable progress.  Respecting the diverse cultures that define life in my paradise isle and the co-existence between people, animals and the environment, I have committed to making a difference in this country that I love. My vision for Sri Lanka encompasses the marginalised, empowers the differently abled and supports the voiceless through our work in holistic health, education, entrepreneurial development and self-sustainability. A patriot – first last and always – I take great pride in my national identity and accordingly, my investment portfolios, community-based initiatives and specialist resources are dedicated entirely to the furtherance of my country.

I believe that through hard work, integrity and compassion, all things are possible. Adhering to a zero-tolerance policy for corruption, our work crosses racial and religious boundaries in Sri Lanka, bringing people of all walks of life together under a clear vision for socio-economic development. Everyone knows I am an animal lover, I enjoy using my voice and our work to nurture empathy toward other beings, bringing compassion into the forefront of mainstream media. I believe it is because of sincerity that our campaigns and collaborations have often resulted in positive change.

I believe in the old-fashioned values of decency, honesty and kindness as a new and sustainable direction in today’s business world. I invest in small businesses and support small, medium and large-scale social projects that prioritise environmental protection.  Through the Otara Foundation, we remove the blindfolds of indoctrination, respecting ancient values and the circle of life, while appreciating the urgency for responsible growth of self and country. My vision of compassionate guidance has grown through prioritisation of values, teamwork and the bigger picture. I continue to voice the need for all Sri Lankans to work together to be the change that is needed. It is time for positive change, and together we must move forward together in national interest.

Our Time is Now